10 small business ideas with low capital

Do you also want to do a profitable business with little capital? If yes, then remember that we have many ways or ideas to do business with less money. Today many people are running their lives with or by this small business idea. Small business or small business we call those businesses that require very less money or capital. In todays blog we will discuss about 10 small business ideas with low capital step by step. 

But, keep in mind that a small business may not always be small or small. Your small business can become a big business one day. But it will require your own mind, will to work and stamina. Only then, you can grow your small business.

Starting a business is everyone’s dream or desire. But, most of the people cannot fulfill their business dream due to lack of money. And so, I will tell you about 10 small businesses that you can start with very little capital. 10 Profitable Small Business Ideas with Little Capital Below I am talking about 10 small businesses that you can start anytime with very little money.

1. Mobile Repairing Business

Today people have smartphones in their hands and in their homes. And, these smartphone phones are bad for sure. So, if you can learn mobile repairing and set up a small shop, you can earn a lot. Because people will buy mobiles and mobiles being electronic will be bad and people will come to you.

You don’t need much capital to start mobile repairing business. First you have to do a mobile repairing course which will be done in 3 to 4 months. And, you don’t need a lot of money to do this job or course. This course can be done for only 3 to 5 thousand. If you want, you can learn the work of mobile repairing for free by watching videos on YouTube.

Now there is a shop. You will need a shop to run your own repairing business. Remember, you don’t need a big shop to run a mobile repairing business. All you need is a small shop to do your own work. So, here too you don’t need much money.

Now, after taking the course and getting your own shop you will need money to buy the equipment. For doing mobile repairing work you need some tools which will be within 2 to 3 thousand rupees. So, you can start this mobile repairing business within 10 thousand taka and earn thousands of taka per month.

2. Flower shop business

Nowadays, those businesses that are quick to notice or quick to succeed are those that are unique and few in the market and that are in high demand. Similarly, few people are doing florist business and this business is also in high demand.

So, you can sell many types of plants and flowers in your shop. People look great with flowers or bouquets decorated with flowers on weddings, birthdays or any occasion. And so, these types of gifts are very popular these days.

You can open a flower shop with very little money and sell a wide variety of bouquets. This business is done by very few people and hence its demand is high and you can be successful in it in less time. You don’t need much money to start a flower shop business.

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All you have to do is pick up a small shop and buy a variety of flowers. The rest will depend on your handiwork and intelligence. You can make a flower bouquet and sell it at your own price. This flower shop business will turn out to be a very profitable business with less money.

3. Online Shopping Website Building Business

You know that nowadays most of the people like to visit online websites and buy things. Because, online shopping website offers good things at low cost and people can get things easily. If you manage this business well then you can earn a lot in a short period of time.

So, if you want to do business with low cost of profit, then you can make an online shopping store or shopping website. It will not cost you much to make a shopping website. You can make a shopping store for 10 thousand with a website developer.

Apart from that, you can create a free shopping website yourself with WordPress. You can learn how to create a free online shopping website with WordPress by going to YouTube and watching videos. Before creating your own online shopping website, you need to think about your product. Meaning, you have to think about what you want to sell online.

You can sell one or many items in your store. Just remember, the content you trade must be in demand and the content must be profitable. Apart from this, you need to promote your online shopping website to people by applying a little marketing and intelligence.

Today, shopping websites like flipkart, amazon and snapdeal have raked in crores of rupees by selling such items online. So, if you are also looking for some profitable and innovative business ideas, then selling things through online shopping websites can be profitable for you. You can go to YouTube and watch videos to know everything about this business.

4. Online Business by Blogging

If you want to do online business at home then blogging business will prove to be a very good business for you. Today, millions of people are making money working from home just by creating a blog.

It’s not just about earning money, but you can earn money online at home through blogging. And, if people like your blog and the blog becomes a success, then you can’t even imagine how much income you will get. In fact, earning from blog is very easy if you can do it well.

You have to create a blog which you can create for free from the blogger website. Then write your own blog articles. You can write about anything you like and people like it. When you write good articles on your blog, visitors or traffic will come to your blog from search engines like google and yahoo.

And, when a good number of traffic or visitors come to your blog, you can earn money by placing ads on your blog through Google Adsense. You believe, today thousands of people around the world are making millions through blogs and Google adsense.

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Blogging business can also. If you are a student, housewife, retired or want to earn money part-time, you can make a blog as a part-time or full-time business. You don’t need much money for this. You can start this online business without spending a single rupee. For more on Blogging you can read our article – What is Blog? How to earn from blog. In this blow you are reading on 10 small business ideas with low capital here. Stay read on whole post to know as well. 

5. Online business by YouTube channel

If you want to do online business, then you can make a YouTube channel and run it as a good business. Just like a blog, you can make a YouTube channel by uploading videos to it and you can earn money at home.

You can start this business without investing any capital. Well, you must have your own talent and ability to make good videos. People are making millions by creating YouTube channels and uploading videos to them. But, keep in mind that you will need to spend some time to earn money from this business.

If you can spend a little time, make good videos and upload them to your channel, then you will have a chance to earn. And, since then you can earn good money. How to earn money from YouTube? Find out here.

6. Mobile Recharge Shops

If you are thinking of doing business with very less money then you can start a small mobile recharge shop. Nowadays, people have mobiles in their hand and they will go to the store to recharge. So, you can start this business with very less capital and with very small shops. Paying your mobile recharge shop may cost only 10 to 15 thousand.

You can use prepaid and postpaid sim card while keeping the recharge card of all network companies. This will give you extra income. Apart from that, you can keep postpaid bill deposit Koran, mobile cover, head phone and some mobile accessories in your store. When the income from your shop starts, then start keeping small mobiles and other goods in the shop.

7. Ice-cream parlor shop

Nowadays the idea of ​​doing business with small capital is at dawn. One such small business is running an ice-cream parlor. Hey you heard right. Nowadays people are busy with their work and reading. Hence, people like open spaces like ice-cream parlors where they can sit for a while and refresh their heads and minds.

You need to find a place where people expect more. In particular, an ice-cream parlor should be opened with a small shop in a school-college, market place. Remember that there should be enough space for a few people to come and sit like a restaurant.

Well, then bring good ice-cream to your shop and feed your customers. When people enjoy coming to your parlor for a drink and ice-cream, they will come back to your shop again and again.

To do ice-cream parlor business you just need to get a shop in a good place and get a fridge to store ice-cream. Apart from this, table and chair should be kept for people to sit. It will not cost you much money to buy them and you can start this business with less money.

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৮. Fast food truck / stall

Nowadays people love to eat tasty food outside. So, this fast food business is very profitable these days and you can start with less money. In your own stall or shop, you can earn money by feeding people various kinds of momos, chaomin, chop, pao bhaji, dhosa, ghugni, coffee.

You can start this business with very little money. You will need some ingredients to cook and an artisan to cook the food. Then a shop or truck (food truck) that you can go from place to place feeding people.

Remember, if you do this fast food business with one store, people will come from only one place. And, if you start this business in a small truck, you can go to many places to sell your food. People will know you and you will have more sales.

9. Xerox and printing store

If you are wondering what business can be done with very less capital, then you can think of xerox and printing shop. Nowadays people look for xerox and printing shops for small to big jobs. School kids and office workers have a variety of projects and they go to the store and print their own projects.

So, you can earn good money with this small business idea. Apart from this, you can earn money by creating bio-data for people in your store. You will need little money in this business. You will need a small shop, a computer, printer and xerox machine. Then customers will keep coming to your shop and you will be able to earn money with your handiwork. Then you will not have any special expenses.

10. Tuition class and center

If you get good at tuition then you can make it your professional career. Tuition is not just education, if you want to learn music, learn drawing, learn guitar or learn any instrument, you can learn it through tuition.

You can take this tuition profession as a career when it can be done in a big way. Means, taking a Boro house and making it a tuition center and taking classes in it. In this way, you can make tuition a career and make it a good source of income. You don’t need much money here. You will just take a room and the rest you will teach the students what you know.

Our last word: So, if you also want to do business with less money and are looking for profitable small business ideas with little capital, then you can do any of the business ideas given above. Whatever business you do, keep in mind that doing business requires little time.

Meaning, any business is not successful in one day. You have to adapt, give time and grow with new ideas first. Whether the business is small or large, only you can succeed. Many many thanks for your valuable time staying with us. We hope that you have nicely understand about 10 small business ideas with low capital in this blog post. 

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