Business Ideas in Bangladesh for Students 2024

Many people want to start a small business while being a student. But, not many people have ideas about business ideas for students. Concerned about what business to start. Since, studying is an important task in student life. So, all work has to be done keeping in mind the studies. In this blog we will discuss Business Ideas in Bangladesh for Students 2024 step by step.

In student life, the work that our students usually do in addition to studies is tuition. It seems like it has been going on for ages. However, managing tuition is very challenging to maintain. Then again, the ever-increasing advertising of coaching centers, the opportunity to study many subjects at a low cost, has now reduced the need for tuition for many parents.

On the other hand, many students think of doing something that will facilitate the future job market or business path. That’s why many people start small businesses. The following article provides some business ideas that one can start while still a student and scale up in the future if needed.

Looking at the Business Ideas for Students title, female students have nothing to be angry about. Here are some ideas for female students. Get more ideas 10 Home Business Ideas for Girls You can read the article.

Business Ideas in Bangladesh for Students

1. book store

In the context of Bangladesh, university and medical bookstores are mainly centered in Nilkhet or Banglabazar. Students from distant places find it difficult to purchase textbooks. Online or offline based bookstores can be provided keeping them in mind.

If the business is owned by students, they will have a very good idea about the demand for books. Again, while doing business, you will also get an overall idea of ​​the book market. First you can do the business online through a Facebook page or you can sit in front of a college-university with a small shop.

2. Food court

A food court next to the educational institution, it can be its own educational institution, and it can be any institution in the area. Small in size, these food courts usually sell afternoon snacks, or light lunches.

Run by varsity students, the quality of the food is unquestionable. Again, good quality food can attract customers’ attention very quickly. As a business for students it is quite a profitable business.

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3. Crafting

To choose addiction as a profession Crafting It doesn’t match. Many children are fond of making paper cut flowers and birds. Many can make various decorative items through crafting. I used to see one of my students cut paper very nicely.

They are in good demand on birthdays, weddings. I have not actually seen this unique quality in any of my other students. Considering the market, the work has a substantial demand in our marketplace. This business idea for students is on a business list for students. However, students can also do this business if they want.

3. Video editing

Video editing is very essential in the age of YouTube. The better the editing, the more attractive the video. Moreover, there is considerable demand for this job in event management companies.

The easiest way to get work initially is to send samples of your work to various YouTube channel owners by mail or phone. If they like your work, you will get a chance to work on their channel as well.

4. Content writing

Starting a content writing agency or business as a business for students is quite profitable. Linguistic skills while writing, proper diction, fluent presentation are all the qualifications of a content writer. Nowadays, many online and offline businesses look for good content writers to present their products or services in front of the buyers through writing.

There are also many local and foreign websites who are looking for writers to maintain their site. It is actually a very competitive world. If you want to do well in this world, if you want to sustain yourself, there is no substitute for practice.

5. Graphics Design

Graphic design is one of the many important branches. Various educational institutions, business organizations make posters, flyers for their programs. Again, foreign companies order posters, flyers, and brochures from our country.

If you want to qualify yourself in this field, there is no substitute for learning on the job. Anyone can easily become a designer of posters, flyers and brochures with the right taste and updated knowledge.

6. Academic writing

There is also an opportunity to earn through academic writing during student life. Academic writing includes CV writing, preparation of customized documents for overseas students, etc.

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Also, assignment writing, helping with research is also covered. However, no matter what the subject is written about, it is almost impossible to get or do work without mastering English.

7. Online tuition

Business for students

On the eve of Corona, many institutions are offering online tuition. Not only school, college but also some critical issues of university are solved in this tuition. Professional courses for job seekers are also being offered by some institutes, but their number is not high. Besides, there are opportunities to sell online courses as well.

8. News writer

Many newspapers, be it online or offline, hire students as campus reporters. Such work can be done if you have writing skills and experience. Again, a few friends can open the campus newspaper, where the small and big events of the campus will take place.

9. Shopping in e-commerce

Now there are plenty of opportunities to sell on e-commerce sites, along with a lot of competition. Hence, e-commerce sites can be opened with good quality and latest products. However, product promotion is very important in any e-commerce.

As the market is highly competitive, we have developed this market based on the China market. Therefore, the quality of the product should be kept in front of the buyer. E-commerce as a business for students is quite a popular business idea.

10. Blogs and vlogs

Blogs and vlogs are two very well-known and popular topics these days. Blogs are written about a particular topic, on the other hand, videos are made on a particular topic, available.

Cooking, decorating, shopping, tailoring, there is nothing that cannot be done in a blog or vlog. Expertise in any subject can lead to blogs or additional income opportunities with vlogs.

11. freelancer

There are job opportunities in freelancing in any subject like photography, video editing, painting, blogging. Through freelancing there are job opportunities not only within the country but also outside the country. Freelancing is the most popular business for students. However, freelancing requires skills and work.

12. Proofreading

Proofreading is often required after major research work. While the author can do this work himself, a professional proofreader greatly enhances the quality of the work. Linguistic skills and knowledge of phonological applications are very important in this regard.

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13. Product or service reviewer

Now that people have become accustomed to shopping online, many businesses look for product or service reviewers to build trust in the purchase.

If you think you can do a better job than the regular reviewers in the market, then you can contact the e-commerce sites yourself and create reviews on their products.

14. Sale of study material

If your academic results are good, or if you are a good student. If your note-taking technique is different from others, you can easily earn extra income by selling your study materials to juniors.

15. child rearing

Although the subject is relatively new, it is understood that there is a lot of demand for it in today’s busy times. In the morning when both parents go out to work, many times they are forced to leave the child with the babysitter. How big this issue can be a cause of fear, it is visible when you open the paper magazine. Many people do not want to keep their children in day care centers due to lack of trustworthiness.

On the other hand, the number of good daycares is insufficient in our country. If you are a university student, you can easily devote 5/6 hours a day to raising a child. As you are an educated person your quality of work will be better than that of a helping hand or day care center.

16. Delivery service

A good delivery service is much needed in this world of online business. This work is not bad in addition to studies. Who knows, this kind of work experience may one day lead you to dream of opening your own delivery agency.


These were business ideas for students today. In conclusion, whatever we do, no matter how small, punctuality, discipline, dedicated work, and love for work are bound to bring success. Thanks for your valuable time staying with us. We hope that you have nicely understand about Business Ideas in Bangladesh for Students 2024 in this blog. 

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