Get most profitable catering business plan

The idea of ​​catering business is to prepare and deliver food to any office court function or wedding. Daily supply of food to government or private office courts on contract basis. In this blog we will discuss about Get most profitable catering business plan step by step. 

Catering business ideas are one of the most profitable business ideas of today. A capital of at least 15,000 to 20,000 rupees is required to start this business initially. To start a catering business you must have knowledge of cooking.

Or if your budget is high then a good cook/chef can be hired on monthly salary basis. You will need an office to do this business, if the capital is less you can run this business from your home.

Catering Business Ideas

Idea 1: An office can contract with a court or community center to prepare and deliver meals daily. This way you can complete the contract and deliver food to the same customer every day.

Idea 2: Making fast food and supplying it to various restaurants and hotels. This business is almost like a bakery business. You can prepare fast food daily and deliver it to restaurants in your area or outside the area.

Idea 3: Creating an office and creating a website. As a result, the reputation of your business will spread and you will be contracted for various weddings and other events. You can go and prepare food and deliver it. Or they will prepare the food and you just deliver.

Many cook food by their own chefs because they prefer the quality of the food in advance, then distribute it to the guests through a catering service agency.

Idea 4: Target bachelor hostels, contract with them, provide daily meals. For this you will not need any separate office, you can prepare and deliver food from your home or at the hostel.

What is the catering business?

We have previously learned about some popular catering business ideas. A catering business is basically a means of preparing and delivering food. You will prepare food and deliver food on contract basis through agency. Also may need to prepare or deliver food only as per customer feedback. We hope that you got about catering business. Now we will say more about Get most profitable catering business plan below.

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How to start a catering business?

Starting a catering business does not require much capital. 50,000 will be required to start a business fully. Before starting a catering business you need to define a niche and target an area.

Location: Urban areas are most suitable for starting a catering business. Usually village functions do not require a separate catering agency so you can target divisional towns.

You can promote this business by targeting various office courts, community centers and clubs, hostels, bachelor flats etc. in divisional cities. A catering business needs to locate a location where the locality is high and the demand for food is high.

Investment: This business does not need to invest a lot of money initially. Initially the business invests a small amount of money for promotion, later on marketing and purchase of other materials may cost Rs 50,000.

The cost will depend on the scope of your business. If you want to collect food for 100 people per day then it may cost 10-15 thousand according to the market. It will totally depend on the market in that area, and the food items.

Creation of Facebook page: At present 95% people of Bangladesh use Facebook. So Facebook is the best medium to promote your business. You will create a Facebook page in the name of the business company. Customers can contact you from here.

Office and Website Creation: You must create an office and website to gain people’s trust. Customers can contact you and order your services through the website.

Or if there is an office, he can directly come to the office and contact you. All the rest of the catering service can be edited in the office. So before starting this business must define an office and create a website.

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Business Promotion: The most important thing when starting a catering service business is business promotion. You can’t grow a business without promotion. How will customers contact you if they don’t know about your business?

So after starting a catering business it needs to be marketed well. Create a website for marketing, later you can get customers by putting up posters on different walls or adding ads on Facebook.

Also, if the food you prepare is very tasty, the reputation of your business will slowly spread among the customers. Then automatically many customers will be found.

Acquisition of business materials: If there is any legal complication, please contact your area chairman to resolve it. Generally, to start such businesses, a certificate is required by the concerned Union Parishad or Municipality.

Gather the things you will need before starting the business. Like Hari Patil, Bazar Sadaya, different types of spices etc. for cooking. Collect the rest of what you will need in advance.

Staffing: It is not necessary for everyone. If you are starting the business on a very small scale and can perform all the tasks of the business yourself then there is no need to hire employees separately.

But if you can’t handle all the tasks of the business, hire skilled workers as needed. Think you can’t cook, but the most important thing in the catering business is to make delicious food.

In such a situation you can hire a skilled cook/safe. Similarly, if you start a business on a large scale, it will not be possible to do all the work alone. Appoint skilled workers as needed.

Rules for operating a catering business

The secret means to succeed quickly after starting a business well is to manage it properly. Also if you cannot manage that business properly then it will not be possible to earn money with this business because this business will not be known to people.

To run a catering business you first need to hire skilled staff and guarantee delicious food. Must have good catering skills. And always treat customers well.

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When collecting food, never collect bad or stale food. Food should always be prepared with good ingredients/spices. The food should be prepared with the best possible ingredients and presented beautifully in front of the customers.

All food preparation and serving equipment should be kept clean. Clean food and water should be provided. Food should be served smartly in front of customers. Food preparation and serving should be clean.

Also to run the business properly, treat the employees well, pay the employees on time. Before starting any project, make a complete list of its income and expenses.

How to Train for Catering Business

Working with an experienced caterer to train for the catering business will slowly get you the hang of the business. There are also many private institutes that provide training for catering business for a fee.

If you want you can take catering business training from them through paid service. For your convenience website links of few catering business training institutes will be shared.


You can get training for catering business from all these institutions.

Dear readers, hopefully you have learned about catering business ideas. This article has shared all the information related to catering business. The Business of BD website contains articles about business. Thanks to coming our site. We hope that you have understand about todays blog topic- Get most profitable catering business plan. Get some FAQ below.


What is the job of catering?

The function of catering is to prepare and deliver food. Generally, agencies/companies who prepare food and deliver it to a specific location on contract basis, the process is called catering service.

Catering food items?

Catering food items include biryani, white and polao rice, fast food, variety of curry items etc. Apart from this, many foods are added to the catering food items as per the needs of the customers.

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